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A little quickie tonight since I woke up with almost 200 followers. :) I will be making more soon! If you guys want more colors of this specific type with the same cat print, let me know and I’d be happy to <3

Download red
Download blue

Enjoy! Feedback is welcome also! If you guys take screenies, I’d love to see my stuff in-game! Tag me so I can see :)

Gift made inspired by Julie
Heylo! I hope these won’t bore you out ;A; I got my lazy butt around to finish all these poses haha! Hopefully you like them! Pose compatible with icons and with really bad description. *pose 3 is supposed to be with a clutch accessory.


10 Recolors + one slightly tweaked mesh with 14 colors
Extract the package file and place it in the Mods folder, the folder should be in \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 
This is just a little something to thank all you wonderful people who’ve decided to follow me. I really enjoy making CC for sims 4 and I’m glad that there are people that actually like the things that I create. I hope to bring a lot more to this awesome community!

SUGAR LIPS 25 SHADES(under the glossy lipstick)
Merged Zip

I’ve also made a lot of tops! Hope you like it. ^3^

Unholy 666;
Kawaii Space;
Kawaii Baphomet;
Creepy Sweetheart;
Holy Shit;
Mishka Eyes.

My first attempt to make custom content for the Sims 4. Only recolored a EA base game t-shirt, I hope you like it as well.
•  5 recolors
•  Put the file in MyDocuments/ElectronicsArts/The Sims 4 / Mods

• Download Here or at TSR(soon!!)

Made using Sims 4 Studio & Photoshop CS6.

Pleyita’s Playful Kitchen Poster Set

Hi everyone! I saw these posters on Etsy by noodlehug and they were so colorful and cute, perfect for my game. So I edited the colours a little, and made eleven of them into posters for your kitchen. (*cough* Okay, I lied, one of them is a laundry-related poster and another is a vacuum. Sue me.)
You can preview all of the included posters by clicking HERE. Mesh by Awesims, and prints by noodlehug.