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A conversion of Killer Is Dead character Betty’s lingerie for AF. :) Comes either as an outfit (classified as sleepwear) or just the bodice as a top (everyday - sleepwear), has all morphs, and three recolourable channels (or two for the bodice only). 

DROPBOX / MEGA / BOX (.package only)

mannix stompers
will require omsp (i believe 6cm up)
recolorable but only in darker colors.
might go a little wonky with really high poly acc
mesh credit - faun outfitters
download .package

Crop top and Strappy Platform Wedges for YF / AF, fully functioning morphs. Top has one channel, shoes have three; straps, heel base, and buckles. Shoes sink through the floor if you do not use an OMSP when posing your sim!
I’m no meshing expert so they’re far from perfect - but I hope you enjoy nevertheless. :) Standard TOU applies.
!! Please note that the shoes especially are high poly - please be extremely wary of this when downloading to any computer that struggles with TS3. !!

DROPBOX / MEGA / BOX (.package only)

Scallop Sweatshirt
I worked really haaard on the texture, but I’m really happy with the result. May I warn you it has some gaps on the shoulders. Looks completely normal on CAS, to avoid weeping anons 8D.
I used a bigger texture for the lace details (2048x2048) so it looks sharper, but the files are a little bit heavier because of that. You can see it has a pretty detail on the back with a 3D button :3. I fixed the seams too (thanks to simlicious), now it looks right. Let me know any problem you have with this.
Click on the image for HQ!
Ok now, enjoy! (ノ・◡・)ノ♥
1 recolorable channel.
Includes lace and plain versions.
CAS and launcher thumbs.
All morphs states supported.
100% original mesh by me. Inspired on this sweater by The Secret Store on SL. 
Around 3000+ polys.
Available for female YA and A only.

Download .sims3packDownload .package

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MysticRain’s Kitchen Basket Conversion by Florences
Black Pearl Sims

        So, I know I’m a fluttery little bitch—popping in and out, going silent for days or weeks at a time, and I know I’ve recently begun posting the stuff I like opposed to the stuff a straight-shoot simblr would post, but at my core, this is a big chunk what I like, so I figured, so everyone who stuck it out and continues to follow me—and *gasp* even might like me—-I’d do something for ya girls, guys, and assorted dragon-beings.
Here is Gimme Your Affection, a more cuddly posepack of gay love—of the male variety.
TOU: Don’t reupload as your own, don’t fix to a paysite, don’t use adfly for this, don’t claim as your own—and on a lighter side, if you ever wanted to tag me, feel free. I like seeing y’all using theses bad boys.
Pose code: a_gimme_your_affection_1 through 20. PS the code is on the first pose in poselist, by the way.
Download or Download
Cliff-notes: Shoes are by Pixicat, the shirt is by ShockShame. The pants are by vonFregeINC. Hair is by ShockShame and Beverhausen.

Pillow Fever! There are 3 sets with 34 variations between them.
✖ Details & Download ✖